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A Variety of Holiday Delights at Vera

Costa del Almeria offers many popular tourist destinations such as Vera. This holiday resort at the Coast of Almeria has a good stretch of beaches that is about 7 kilometers long. These beautiful beaches at Vera are some of the best in Spain with the coveted “Blue Flag” award for the high standard of sports facilities, basic amenities and water.

There is a myriad of sports and leisure activities which include scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kite flying and paragliding.

Historical events

Vera has an interesting and rich history with many events that color its past and shape its present. It was originally a Carthaginian settlement known as “Barea” until the Romans renamed it to “Baria”.

Some of the local attractions at Vera include ancient churches that are fortified like the “Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación”. The bullring at Vera is a very ancient monument in Spain; as one of Spain’s oldest, many tourists flock to view it even if not much activity happens here. Bullfights are a steep tradition in Spain where droves of tourists come by during the San Fermin festival in July.

Beach delight

The main attraction in Vera is its beaches. Playa de Puerto Rey is one of the primary beach spots at Vera that is 2.3 km long and 50 meters wide. There are well planned amenities along the beach such as showers and ramps for the physically handicapped. The friendly environment draws many groups of community for a day out to enjoy the fresh air and bright sunshine once in a while.

El Playazo beach is another beach at Vera that is 4 km long with the same width. It also has the same facilities as Play de Puerto Rey as the same municipal oversees the same planning and building. Holidaymakers flock here for the weekend to view the magnificent mountain ranges at the background.

The beach is a splendid spot to station oneself for a great tan with the bright sunshine almost all year round. The waters rush in with the gentle waves and the fresh wind refreshes the holidaymakers especially the windsurfers.

For the environmentalists, a nudist beach lies close by about 1.4km away. This is made popular with the presence of a naturist hotel that comes with a 2.5km private beach.

There are no lack of good restaurants, beach bars and pubs along the beaches at Vera. One can enjoy good local cuisine at most times of the day or night as these establishments open quite late into the night.

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Major Town Attractions at Andalusia

Andalusia is one of the bigger regions of Spain with plenty of interesting cities, towns and villages. There is a myriad of diverse captivating landscapes in this huge area that spans a great part of Spain. It is one of the more popular holiday destinations for European tourists as its ports are easily accessible by flight, road or sea.


Seville is the official capital of Andalusia; it is also the third biggest city in Spain. It offers a unique ambience with the rich culture and history as can be seen by the plethora of historical monuments. Some of the more famous sights are the Arabian bell tower “Giralda” which is also the city’s landmark and the amazing Torre del Oro cathedral.


Granada is known as the Moorish Jewel with the majestic Alhambra palace on top of the mountain range. The town itself is situated at Sierra Nevada’s foothills. The impressive Arabian palace of Alhambra is a must for all tourists.


This ancient Moorish town offers the well preserved Great Mosque with impressive architecture.


The major attraction at Malaga is the Moorish Alcazaba fortress which functioned to protect the city during its heydays. The Mediterranean coast is a delightful holiday spot for locals and tourists.


This is one of most picturesque towns to visit in Andalusia. One can get immersed in the natural beauty all around for days.


This town is renowned for the Bronze Age remnants and exceptional monuments in the midst of the majestic Torcal de Antequera range.


This is one of Andalusia’s best preserved cities on its Moorish heritage besides its fantastic coast of Almeria.


This is one of Spain’s oldest cities with a typical Andalusian ambience of whitewashed houses and colorful flowers. This ancient city was founded by the Phoenicians but has since developed with modern infrastructures and amenities.


Huelva is an important fishing port with an equally important fishing industry. This was a popular venue of Christopher Columbus in his great seafaring travels especially to the discovery of America.

Jerez de la Frontera

This is the hometown of the famous Spanish sherry wine where tourists would enjoy a visit to the “Bodegas” or wine refinery. Jerez is also renowned for its equestrian school.


Jaen is an inland town with an awesome medieval fortress surrounding it. There are impressive 11th century Moorish baths as well as Renaissance architectural cathedrals to be sighted.

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Diverse Natural Beauty around Costa de Almeria

Costa de Almeria has a lot of fantastic holiday offerings in terms of beautiful coastlines and natural landscapes. Any holidaymaker at Costa de Almeria would not be disappointed with their choice for a weekend or a week of holiday.

Cabo de Gata 

The town of Nijar lies only 20 minutes from the city with Cabo de Gata coastline. It is one of the delightful coastlines on the Mediterranean with pristine beaches, dunes and salines. There are several quaint fishing villages along the coast still active in their trade. The crystal clear and warm waters of the Mediterranean Ocean attract many holidaymakers here every year; this is an ideal spot for divers, swimmers, snorkelers and jet skiers.

There are lush forests of exotic flora and fauna which surround the coastline that are worthy of a visit; pink flamingos are plentiful at the lakes which form a mysterious pink mist from a distance.

Punta Entinas-Sabinar.

Purposeful wetlands abound at Punta Entinas-Sabinar where many varieties of water birds dwell and breed. These are located close to the beach dunes between the beach resorts of Roquetas de Mar and El Ejido.

There are two “Albuferas de Adra” salt lagoons in the midst of a desert landscape which is home to over 140 protected species of fauna. Several observatories have been set up for the convenience of the visitors to view and enjoy the wildlife. The “Desierto de Tabernas” desert landscape is most unique in Europe. This has been a favorite spot for several blockbuster Wild West movies filmed.

The landscape is dry with the most interesting of flora species that depict a desert land. However, a “Mini Hollywood” attraction park is set up to allow the public to view some of the original sceneries of the movies filmed here.

Los Velez

No other place is more romantic and majestic than the Sierra Maria mountain range; these snow capped mountains are such an impressive sight to behold with the lush dense forests and exotic birds of prey nestling there. Golden eagles and hawks are often seen circling above the forests and around the mountains. This is also the home to rare species of animals such as the wild cats, foxes and genets.

Karst en Yesos de Sorbas.

This interesting region is watered by River Aguas; it is made up of canyons and galleries along with stalagmites and stalactites. There are some mysterious caves for the more adventurous to discover such as the Agua Cave and Covadura Cave.

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The Spanish Holiday Experience

Holiday experiences in Spain have had tourists coming back over and over to enjoy the numerous things that it has to offer. It is one of the countries in the world that has something to offer to every kind of tourist thus meeting with the holiday needs and requirements of all people coming into the country. You can be sure that your experience in the country will be one of the best that you can have.

The country has stunning beaches which make part of the major attractions. Most people and travelers from different parts of the world love water, sand and sun and these are features that are in abundance in the country. The beaches are well scattered in the different parts of the country especially on the coastlines and you will be exposed to all kinds of activities and facilities on your holiday. They provide a perfect chance to relax and unwind as well as have an active and fun filled holiday.

Beaches and islands will expose you to water sports and also interesting land sports. They also come complete with impressive resorts and hotel from where you can have the best form of accommodation for your kind of holiday. Whether you are looking for rustic traditional or modern luxury, you can be sure that Spain will provide it all. The accommodation facilities and packages are designed to cater for families on holiday, individuals and even couples.

Spain also has beautiful natural grounds for that memorable green holiday that you could be in search of. It has majestic mountains, stunning landscapes, lakes, rivers and parks among other features that will complete your holiday in the country. Different regions offer different holiday experiences and a few considerations will ensure that in the end you are at a place that is in line with the holiday needs that you are facing.

Other features that make Spain one of the best holiday destinations include the nightlife, cultural events and festivals, monuments and architectural features. The gastronomy is also impressive and depending on the region that you are at, you will get the chance to enjoy local delicacies and international cuisines not forgetting great seafood and fresh produce. The accommodating nature of the country attracts people of all ages and preferences and at the end of the day they all manage to have a fulfilling holiday experience and hence it remains one of the best holiday areas of the world.

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Things To Have During A Spain Tour And General Overview

Spain is a favorite destination among many people. As a tourist destination, it has been in operation for a long time. There are many things to look forward to while in the country and you can actually be sure that you will enjoy your tour extensively regardless of who you are or where you are from.

The reason why people keep on coming back to Spain is because of the diversity that the land enjoys. Be it culture, landscape, history, technology, nightlife, all these can be experienced in this magical country of Spain. There is indeed so much to expect when you settle on Spain as your destination of choice.

There are things that you should never leave behind when you are leaving for Spain. There are some that are related for your personal grooming as well as personal security.

Being a summer destination, you can be sure that it is a place where you can get to enjoy sun bathing to a great extent. In this case, do not forget to carry a tanning lotion as well as a sun screen. This will help you take care of your skin while in the country as well as be able to enjoy the sun during your entire stay. These are very essential items so make sure that they are well packed away in your bags before you leave for Spain.

You may also need to carry with you a first aid kit regardless of how small it is. You never know how helpful it might be to you during the holiday especially when you are travelling with the little ones.

For safety purposes, you may need to have some extra locks for your luggage. This will in a way help you breathe easy as you know that the luggage is secured. It will also in a way mark your own luggage. You may also need a money belt. For the luggage, make sure that you have carried some extra keys for it just in case you misplace one set.

Carry eyeglasses to shield you from the sun and some slippers that can be worn during the flight. Do not forget your medicine in case you are under any, eyeglasses as well as a folding umbrella. These are some of the things that should never be left behind.

You do not need any inoculations or vaccinations before coming to Spain. However, visit your personal physician to determine whether you have any special needs or not. Do not forget to change your money into Euros, the official Spanish currency.

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